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  • Side Hill Gouger

    Date: 2015.06.10 | Category: Stories | Response: 0

    Jay and Malaya read a chapter from the book, Snotgrass, titled The Side Hill Gouger. Snotgrass is set in Washington, Maine and this reading is at Gibbs Library in Wash ME. Full of mythical beasts and Maine humor, Snotgrass is available on Amazon as paperback and kindle. ~ check out for more pics, videos, and comics.

  • Harrowing Journey

    Date: 2009.03.22 | Category: Amusement, Stories | Response: 0

    Order: Harrowing Journey by J.E.Moores

  • The Beating Of The Child – ABCs

    Date: 2005.07.17 | Category: Amusement, Podcast, Stories | Response: 0

    In today’s podcast we read you, The Beating Of The Child, a twisted little bedtime story with pictures and everything, so get your Teddy Bear and snuggle up… The song ‘Feel’ by Strip Karaoke gives us a nice groove, and then Miss Hazel from Modern Wife shows us a fun project, How to make Shrunken Heads from Avocado Skins. Remember to view our podcast inside iTunes, and open the song art window to see our images while you listen! Click below to start podcast.

    Image Enhanced PodcastPODCAST – July 17, 2005

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