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  • Batasan Kitty

    Date: 2012.03.25 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    This is our neighborhood in Batasan Hills in Quezon City, Philippines. Check out how the intersection does not have a traffic light. Every man for himself. We cross this intersection everyday to go out for various needs. No one really wants to stop for anyone else, so it’s a game of chicken. If any place needs a stop light, it’s this busy intersection. Even the kitty knows this is insane. She told me so.

  • Buko

    Date: 2012.03.05 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    Today we harvest the coconuts from our tree.

  • Leaving La Laguna

    Date: 2012.02.25 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    On our way home to Quezon City from Puerto Galera, Philippines.

  • Jeepney ride to Shopwise grocery store

    Date: 2012.02.06 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    The tricycle cannot drive on Commonwealth freeway, so we hop onto a Jeepney for the last minute of our trip to the grocery store. So much fun. Jeepneys are an amazing form of public art. Each one is uniquely painted by the owner. Did I mention that I LOVE it here?

  • Going to the grocery store

    Date: 2012.02.05 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    Here we are taking a Trike ride in the Philippines.

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