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  • Haunt Your House

    Date: 2005.10.08 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    For those of you that would like some spooky audio to haunt your home with this Halloween, here is a free MP3 from Mark Harvey’s CD, Pumpkinland 2. This haunted soundscape is titled Caverns, and is part of the Pumpkinland CD Trilogy available at If you love Halloween, or are looking for some scary soundtrack music to haunt your house with, you have to check out the Pumpkinland series, it’s very good for creating the perfect creepy mood, without sounding like corny movie music. Caverns is just a sample of the many frightening moods Mark creates at Pumpkinland Studios.

    The MP3 below is perfect to loop all night long as you hand out candy to your trick or treaters. You can also haunt your cubicle at work, just leave it playing when you go off for lunch to keep your co-workers wondering. Heck, if you are totally hard core, listen to it on the bus or on your commute just to feel strange and creepy. What the heck, it’s October – Goth it up freak face!

    MP3 PodcastPODCAST – October 8, 2005

  • Greetings!

    Date: 2005.09.07 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    Due to being added to the iTunes Podcast Directory under the Music and Comedy categories, we have received a lot of new listeners over night. This little mp3 is here as a greeting for all the new ‘Super Fans’ out there. Thank you all so much. Podcasting is exciting because anyone can now broadcast their own show, and I’m amazed at how global our listeners already are. Our web stats show that people as far away as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Korea are all listening to The Super Fantastic Ultra Show! WOW is all I can say.

    Our podcast host, Hoagie Malone, over the past 30 years has archived a gigantic amount of home recordings by many different bands, artists, comedians, spoken word poets, and other freaks and weirdos. Home recording and demo music tends to be a lot more raw than music industry releases, and more and more people are beginning to appreciate music that is made by real people with low budgets all for the love of doing what they do. Podcasting is perfect for broadcasting just this sort of thing, because you’d never hear it anywhere else.

    Our podcast ranges from old punk rock, progressive, alternative, hip hop, country, or just plain strange. (Home recordings can get quite weird, and well, we love it). If you are the kind of person that enjoys hearing artists creating audio just for the fun of it, then you should find this podcast rather amusing and entertaining.

    Most of our podcasts are image enhanced, so be sure to enjoy our show using iTunes so you don’t miss out on the nifty photos, images, comics, and web links included on each image enhanced podcast. Thanks again for joining us. For information on how to subscribe to our podcast, please click here.

    Greetings!Greetings to all our new listeners!

  • Summer Home by Rain Station

    Date: 2005.07.13 | Category: Music, Podcast | Response: 0

    Today’s nifty MP3 has a summer theme because it’s so hot here in the Bay Area this week. It’s a song by Rain Station called: Summer Home, from the CD, Fancy Fancy. Another great tune brought to you by the kind folk over at Nobody Records.
    MP3 PodcastPODCAST – July 12, 2005

  • Bus Stop To Hell

    Date: 2005.07.06 | Category: Music, Podcast | Response: 0

    Welcome to the Super Fantastic Ultra Show! Today’s free mp3 music pick is from the Bay Area’s own local punk rock band: Strip Karaoke! This tune rocks, and was recorded at the band’s home studio using the way cool GarageBand software. Check out, The Bus Stop To Hell from the kids at:

    MP3 PodcastPODCAST – July 6, 2005

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