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  • News Report 2

    Date: 2016.03.21 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    Put those Turkish Delights down. You won’t believe what they’re made of. Visit for more.

  • Dogzilla

    Date: 2016.02.17 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    Tulip the french bulldog destroys Times Square. Visit Time Brats for more.

  • Dog People vs. Cat People

    Date: 2015.11.14 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    Martha and Beulah fight between dogs or cats.

    Visit for more.

  • News Report

    Date: 2015.11.13 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    We interrupt your viewing of Super Fantastic Ultra to bring you a special bulletin. Granny Smith calls the police on a potty-mouth criminal at large.

    Visit for more.

  • Time Brats #14: Happy Birthday, dear Time Brat!

    Date: 2015.11.05 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    Malaya turns 11 years old. Eleven. Exactly. One louder. But is she too old to be a Time Brat? Visit for more.

  • You Are My Sunshine

    Date: 2015.06.21 | Category: Music | Response: 0

    Grampy used to sing “You Are My Sunshine” to my Dad when he was a little boy. Now I’m singing it to him. Happy Fathers Day, Daddy! I love you. Visit for more music.

  • Snowboarding

    Date: 2015.04.16 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    Best school ever. This winter my 4th grade class went to the snow bowl on 3 different days to learn how to snowboard or ski. This was our first lesson. Visit for more.

  • NAGA USA Gymnastics Level 3 Team

    Date: 2015.04.11 | Category: Amusement | Response: 0

    Video montage of USA Gymnastics Level 3 routines for bar, beam and floor. Clips from meets during 2014-2015 season.

  • A Very Bad Hair Day

    Date: 2015.01.18 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    Malaya and Izzy are back, this time waking up with a problem. More at

  • Malaya vs Izzy

    Date: 2015.01.10 | Category: Movies | Response: 0

    A super epic fight between Malaya and Izzy. More at

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