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how to subscribe to our podcast How do I subscribe to a podcast...?

Podcasting has become very popular, especially now that iTunes has a podcast directory, over night podcasting has become mainstream.

When one Subscribes to our podcast using iTunes you will receive our latest broadcast each time we publish a new audio podcast. It just shows up in iTunes under the Podcast category automatically each time we post another episode.

All this is possible with the magic of a thing called a RSS feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. All you do is copy/paste our RSS path into iTunes or other RSS reader, and you are subscribed. Nothing else to do but listen and enjoy.

Never subscribed to a podcast before? First you need to: Download iTunes.

Super Fantastic Ultra Show RSS

The next step is to copy our RSS feed path.

Copy our RSS Feed below:

Subscribe To Podcast

Open iTunes.

Click on Podcasts in the left column of iTunes.

Then choose Advanced > Subscribe To Podcast.



Paste our RSS Feed into the subscribe box that opens.

Click: OK

Now everytime we publish a new Super Fantastic Ultra Show podcast, it will automatically load in your iTunes.

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet to receive our podcasts.

Have fun!

Paste RSS Feed into iTunes

Because we are using the brand new format of Image Enhanced Podcasting, for optimum performance, please subscribe to our RSS feed using iTunes.

That way you will see the photos and links we have included on our image enhanced podcasts. It's way cool.

Download iTunes here for FREE.

Click below for more information on our nifty Image Enhanced Podcasts.

Open the Song Art Window on iTunes

Our podcast is image enhanced! Be sure to open the song artwork window before you listen to our image enhanced podcasts!

Thanks again!

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