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Yikes! Vipers, Homemade Vampire Movie, 1990 Portland Maine.

Adopt your own Yikes Vipers Bat

Yikes! Vipers (1990) - 37 minutes.

Jen Bliss, Joseph O Allen, and Robert Way are three vampires hiding out in Portland Maine from a team of vampire hunters hot on their trail. More complications set in when Delilah (Tara Steinberg) - Joe's pregnant mortal lover (who also happens to be a nun!) follows him to Portland, blowing their cover. Who will survive? This movie has a lot of funny scenes. Mischa the wee little dog dressed up as a Vampire Bat is pretty cool. Then there's the after hours club for vampires only. Half alive victims on tap for your enjoyment! Great costumes by Beth Blood from Suitsmi, and beautiful gothic locations around Portland Maine add to this low budget video. If you love vampire movies, Yikes! Vipers has it all, and then some. It's over the top! Special guest appearance by punk band, Vampire Lezbos!

Directed by Louisa Suta, Director of Photography Richard Chamberlain, Screenplay Glen Powell, Costumes Beth Blood, Soundtrack J.E.Moores.

This video was shot in Portland, Maine 1990 on BetaCam.

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