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  • Gettin’ Kinky

    Date: 2006.05.28 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    OK, so spring time is getting to me, I’m seeing more and more skin when I go out. Flowers are blooming, we’ve already been to the beach a few times. Bikinis everywhere… what’s a guy gonna do? I mean I AM human, no matter what anyone says.

    Spring fever has hit the entire country, and so I thought I’d celebrate with an image enhanced podcast for everyone else out there that is also all turned on by mother nature’s magic.

    I start off today’s podcast with one of the sexiest and kookiest tunes I’ve ever heard. It’s by bay area artist mopehead otherwise known as Mr. Mark Harvey who just happened to celebrate a birthday. This tune is titled: He Goes To Parties, and I tell you, it’s so bitter sweet and sexy I’m not sure what to think when ever I hear it. One of my absolute favorite songs of all time.

    Next up from the Hyped 2 Death collection is the band Animals and Men with the way cool tune, Baby Scratch My Back. There is something very kinky about this band, maybe it’s the bands name that makes me wonder what they’re up to, maybe it’s their lyrics…

    Then from the sexiest city in the whole US, New York City, comes Gwen Snyder and her band Blueberry. The cut I play from this amazing act is, Idol Hands. We all know that Idol Hands do the work of the devil, and Blueberry make it sound so sexy. Love them, and Gwen. Truly sexy folk from NY. Be sure to check out her site, as there’s so much yummyness to be had there.

    In 1991 I had the pleasure to get the chance to record Bo Grumpus on my 4-track when I was living with these guys in the pan handle of the Haight in San Francisco. The tune Craig and Petey play today is, I Love Me. Hilarious, and anytime one is involved in some self loving, it gets a bit kinky, wouldn’t you say?

    My band Rain Station whip out the title track from the Fancy Fancy CD, a very dark and mysterious tune if I say so myself. Kinda inspired by porn, and one particular dirty girl that drove me nuts. Maybe I’ve said too much, maybe not enough.

    To end this naughty set is none other than the beautiful and ever so sexy May Ling Su and her band, Strip Karaoke playing, He’s A Homo.

    Whew! I just can’t take any more. I’m gonna go snoop around and see what my wife is up to… I bet she’s in need of a little break from whatever she’s doing… in the meantime, enjoy the podcast!

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – May 28, 2006

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • Lies! Lies! Lies!

    Date: 2006.05.21 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    So I have no idea what’s been going on, but it seems like it’s been the month of people not doing what they say. Not showing up on time, two hours late, and not phoning… All kinds of mayhem with banks and electric companies making billing errors. What the hell? I can’t get anything done. It’s making me completely insane… or worse incompletely insane.

    Every time I’ve made a plan around someone else, it all fell through. I’m at a complete stand still on several projects, so I thought I’d do something about it. Sit down all alone and put together an enhanced podcast for all you listeners out there. Let me tell you this, I will let nothing get in my way. I am hell bent on getting something done, and as long as blogger doesn’t self implode in the next ten minutes, we should be fine. My fingers are crossed, which makes typing rather difficult.

    So if you are feeling held back by all the flakes in your life, this podcast is for you. If every time you make a plan, someone else messes it all up, I feel for ya. If every time you get a bank statement or bill, and it’s wrong – let’s join together and crush the infrastructure. What is wrong with the world of mankind? Have we all lost our minds? It’s like there isn’t a brain among the lot of ‘em. I just want to start banging heads together where ever I go, so look out.

    We start out with a great Boston band, Laughing Academy with Say What You Will. The Future Chicken Farmers whip out Distemper, which is the exact type of shot I need right now. I’m mad as a dog. Another annoying personality trait, Fickle is also the name of a beautiful tune by Blueberry. Then Equator get out the old 4-track with Lodestone. Pennsylvania rockers Brother Eye give us all a Guilt Trip, and the 3 Pigs Cafe end it all with Liar Liar.

    The next time someone lets you down, crank this podcast loud, and just let go. Forget about it all. Keep muttering: It just doesn’t matter – it just doesn’t matter…

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – May 21, 2006

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • Hyped 2 Death

    Date: 2006.05.12 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    The kind folk over at Hyped 2 Death sent me a giant package of CDs. I’ve been listening to them for a while now just to familiarize myself with all the new tunes. Most of the CDs are “Do It Yourself” rock and roll made by a bunch of freaks and weirdos with low budget equipment. My favorite kind of music! Also included is The Shivvers, a nifty teen band that pumps out power pop.

    Today’s image enhanced podcast is all from the Hyped 2 Death collection, as they sent me so much music, I thought it would be cool to do a show of all these interesting bands. Be sure to check out for all your DIY, punk, and post punk music. These guys have a lot of stuff to offer. A huge collection.

    First up is Teen Line by the Shivvers. Then we get on with my favorite DIY act, The Instant Automatons with, Armchair Politics. Animals & Men tell us all about the Bad Lover. We’ve all been there. Ichkk. Mud Hutters do a great song about potato titled, All About. I really love potato. Any way you cook it, I love the spud. You’ll like the song too. Steve Treatment ends our show with a Change of Plan.

    I really appreciate Hyped 2 Death for sharing all these nifty CDs with us all. Be sure to check out more of their music, as they have tons and tons just waiting for your ears to hear. Have a good one, Hoagie.

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – May 12, 2006

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

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