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  • Best Podcast Ever

    Date: 2006.03.17 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    Here we are at our 40th image enhanced podcast – and it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to everyone that have sent me their CDs. I’ve received several new bands as well as spoken word and comedy discs. It’s so exciting to get new CDs in the mail from artists all over the world. If you have a music or comedy CD that you recorded yourself – send it our way – I’ll play it on this podcast for the world to hear!

    To start off the best podcast ever is Miss Tess with a nifty tune titled: Can’t Sleep Now. Then from Sam Hill Productions a number from the cabaret show ‘Same Old Songs’ titled: Never Been So Close. Be sure to check out the Sam Hill web site to listen to more music from this fun show.

    Richard McGhee Star Vocalist does a karaoke version of Oh Look At Me Now. I always love it when Richard does songs written for female vocalists. It adds so much camp factor. Then from the Kinky & Sweet CD by Bo Grumpus and Terry Waldo we play the cut, Low Bridge, Everyone Down. To finish off the set is the mighty band Jesus Knievel whipping out the big horns and performing live on stage the song titled: Body Bags.

    So there you have it – enjoy!

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – March 16, 2006

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • That Makes Me Laugh!

    Date: 2006.03.12 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    Here’s a bunch of stuff that makes me laugh. We start out gettin’ weird with mopehead and his 4-track recording of Groovy Groovy Kitty. The amazing Dan Hanrahan shares with us one of my favorite spoken word pieces of all time: Jeff at Wendy’s. Dimitrius helps us define just exactly what being White Trash is all about, and Sonny Probe helps us define it even further with Painful Relations. Mitchell Vaillant brings us back to the big city in his bizarre urban Caseo tune, That Woman Is A Junkie. Then Jesus Knievel tells a funny tale about the perfect crime in, Steal Your Shoe.

    So there you have it. Laugh it up.

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – March 11, 2006

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

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