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  • Freaky Weekend

    Date: 2006.02.27 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    Ever have a Freaky Weekend? For some people every weekend is a Freaky Weekend. But that’s just too much for me. Freaky Weekends wear me out and make me tired. Now I don’t know what you’d consider a Freaky Weekend. We all have different limits. All I know is that I just had a Freaky Weekend, and now I’m really really tired.

    To start off this Freaky Weekend we’ve got the Gorehounds with a hard driving beat bringing us the Voodoo Priest. Frank’s Depression delights us all with Untitled III. Brother Eye enters the stage with Overture in Brown. Gwen Snyder and her band Blueberry lulls us with the White Fang Lullaby. And several Strange Ghoulish Shapes float high up over Dan Hanrahan, and the Fleshrot CD finishes the set with a Drink To The Dead. It was freaky…

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – February 26, 2006

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  • Cupid is Stupid

    Date: 2006.02.17 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    Ahh Love. How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you ever think about how there is a reason that there are different words for Love and Happiness? It’s because they are not the same thing! Just like the words Sex and Love, they are not the same thing. Just because you have one, doesn’t mean you have the other. There is more to learn about Love than any other subject there could ever be. It’s just so complicated.

    Blueberry joins our image enhanced podcast once again and graces us with Pocketbook of Love, and it is beautiful. Just for fun I toss in an outtake from a recording session with the Future Chicken Farmers. Tim improvs Poke You Tonight, and it’s funny. Gorehounds tell us all about The Fox, Jesus Knievel shine up their tuba and perform Once Upon A Time. And then it’s time to get out your weepin’ rag, as Mitchell Vaillant takes us on a slow bus ride south with Clean Dirt. Now go out there and love some one.

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – February 14, 2006

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • Geno’s Pub – Portland Maine

    Date: 2006.02.01 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    When I was growing up in Portland Maine, there was a nifty place where all the local bands got their chance to play out. Geno’s Pub was a little underground seedy dive of a place, where all the garage bands and punk rock kids could get on stage and tear it up. The place had the best vibe, and was a great place to see a show. I’ve been to clubs in all the major US cities, and honestly, Geno’s really had them all beat. The place just oozed rock and/or roll.

    Since I have a huge collection of recordings from way back in the 80′s and 90′s, I thought it would be neat to put together a set of bands that played at Geno’s Pub regularly.

    First up is a tune titled Paris by the 80′s band V; – (Thanks Gary for sending me this great CD-R of V; – people send me your original music, I will play it!) Next up is a band that often played out with V; it’s the band Ghost Walks performing a studio version of Malice with their good friend Conni St. Pierre reading poetry in the background. Pretty cool. After that the greatest band to ever grace Geno’s stage: The Gorehounds whip out Bad. The early 80′s punk band T-2 rehearse their song, Deranged, and we finish the set with the 90′s act, Head Cleaner closing the show with Time To Go.

    Geno’s Pub has since moved to Congress street, and I have yet to see the new space. I can only hope that it will be just as sleezy and run down as the original pub, as it really had an ambiance that was hard to beat. Rock on!

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – February 1, 2006

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