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  • Rock The Baby

    Date: 2005.11.30 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    If there is one thing Baby Hoagie and I enjoy, and that’s hanging out and rockin’ to some great tunes. Baby Hoagie does that cute bop up and down thing when the beat is just right, and it makes me so happy that I thought I’d share a set of Baby Hoagie’s favorite songs.

    Today’s image enhanced podcast starts out with Strip Karaoke doing their sweet song, All My Dreams. Ahh the joys of motherhood. Next up is Dan Hanrahan with Forrest Daughter.

    Baltimore’s 3 Pigs Cafe amazes us all with Daisy Bed, and then an actual Hoagie Malone original, Daddy’s Home. Mitchell Vaillant ends the set with the very heart felt ballad, Wind In Blue. Mitchell chokes me up every time I hear this song. Gotta love it. So there you go, tunes to Rock your Baby to. Enjoy your nap time. Sweet dreams everyone.

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – November 29, 2005

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • Instru-MENTAL!

    Date: 2005.11.21 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    Every once in a while it’s nice to sit back and listen to some non-vocal instrumental music. Today’s image enhanced podcast starts off with Welcome by Dan Hanarahan, which then turns into The Gorehounds freaking us all out with their sci-fi horror movie inspired instrumental punk rock.

    Next up is one of my favorite instrumental bands, Bo Grumpus with Craig Ventresco and Pete Devine. Craig and Petey are often seen in the Haight near Golden Gate Park playing thier amazing Rag Time music on the street. Craig is best known for playing the guitar on the Crumbmovie soundtrack. Craig is an amazing musician, and when you listen to this 4-track recording from 1991, just remember there is only one person playing guitar, although at times it sounds like three or more.

    To end the set is The Jesus Knievel doing an instrumental cover of Frankenstein, or is it Smoke On The Water? I’m just not sure, maybe it’s both… all I know is I hear a Tuba in there somewhere, and I just love Tuba.

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – November 20, 2005

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • Rain Rain Rain!

    Date: 2005.11.12 | Category: Podcast | Response: 0

    It’s cold and it’s raining again. Ahh November. Today’s rainy day podcast starts off with Mitchell Vaillant on piano and Steve Berson on bass. The song, It’s Been Raining For 55 Days is from a rehearsal tape recorded way back in 1986. Rain Station whips out Against The Knife with all it’s talk of thunder and lightning and such. Blueberry shares Tears with our listeners, and Allen Frost and Dan Hanrahan tell us that The Dogfish Are Dying For Love in a strange spoken word piece from the Planet Fishing cassette. Baltimore band This Can Free ends the set with Content Warm Smiles (drizzle drazzle). Bring your umbrella.

    Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – November 11, 2005

    MP3 PodcastMP3 PODCAST

  • Frank's Depression Video

    Date: 2005.11.07 | Category: Amusement, Movies, Stories | Response: 0

    I was able to get a copy of the Frank’s Depression video from Jordan Kratz. I just knew he’d still have a copy in his collection. The 13 minute video is in QuickTime format. Video is titled: Window Watcher, and was made in Portland Maine in 1990. Video stars Frank Hobbs and Eve Gilbert. Click the link below to start the video.

    Frank’s Depression Video – Window Watcher

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